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"Tom's availability helps offset the times when I didn't get to do a scene on back-to-back weeks, and I also learned by watching him critique others who may do the same things that I do or would in the same situation."


     ~Jonathan Mastrojohn

"I met Tom at a networking event, where he immediately broke up any pretension and /or apprehension. i liked the way he worked, and we have some friends in common. I was able to audit the class before joining it, which allayed whatever apprehension I might have had."

     ~Michelle Winslow

I was told by the owner of Dangerfield's that I need to be more of an actor in my act, which after 20 years as a performer, no one has ever told me; so I decided to explore and fell in love with this class, acting, the process, and my classmates.

     ~Martin Chaddock

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