Directing in Manhattan, NY

Director Thomas G. Waites on Directing

"I've directed a lot. I suppose the most well-known is Six Goombas and a Wannabe, which ran off-Broadway for about nine months. I love to direct. I love all the responsibility. I love sitting down and not knowing what the hell we're going to do with this script and all these people. In that play, there were 13 people on this tiny little stage. And then to have it evolve and grow and turn into something and create all these jobs for people. That's my favorite thing in the world to do.
Thomas G. Waites — Acting Studio in manhattan, NY
Directing is really about storytelling. Directing means, to me anyway, that you have a concept or a feel for a play. Something speaks to “you” about Hamlet, for instance. Also, directing teaches you how to deal with people. Directing is a very high-stress job. The producer comes in the first day and has no hope this thing is ever going to pull together and you have to get it together piece-by-piece. You have to work with the music and the lighting designer and the set designer. You have to make sure everything comes together. It teaches you leadership. Directing isn't about driving people."