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Tom Talks Six

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Dr. Einersens gets ‘skanky’ in Backstage Confessions

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Backstage Confessions’ Annual Water Bottle Awards

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Coming Out, In The House

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3 Little Fashion Fairies

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Lolita, Liz & Dr. Einersens

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The Fairy Goes To Prison & Other Tales

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Headshot Redux

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Whatever Episode: Backstage Confessions #13

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Dr. Einersens’ despair turns to elation when his guest removes his shirt.

Anger Management

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TGW’s Accent-ric Ralph Schneider visits Dr. Einersens post meltdown & Producer Ari GoldDog is nowhere to be found.

3 Monkeys and a Dog

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TGW Actor, Taylor August reveals his current love interest, shocking Dr. Einersens.

Gone Girl? Nope. Einersen returns for Episode 10 of Backstage Confessions

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Mercury is in retrograde backstage in the TGW Acting Studio as Ari digs his paws in and a special guest cancels. Einersen tries to hold it all together.

Einersen ponders Big Questions

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Einersen on Boardwalk Empire

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TGW Acting Studio student and humorist Brian Einersen interviews fellow TGW Acting Studio student Bryan Russo about his role in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Russo, recently cast as a member of the Italian Mob, is distracted by another TGW student (Jennifer Kalajian who sees Russo as a ticket to stardom).

Please don’t call me Gimpy!

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Please Don’t Call Me Gimpy is Episode Nine of Backstage Confessions with Dr. Brian Einersens.

CUNY Security called for laughter

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Playwright Nicky Silver visits TGW Acting Studio 9-29-14 — Veteran Actors in Manhattan, NY
The students of TGW Acting Studio were not sure what to expect when award-winning Playwright Nicky Silver accepted an invitation to visit a recent Monday night Scene Study class. Silver’s plays are known for finding humor in substance abuse, disease, incest, rape and other horrors. An uproarious great time and the opportunity to perform scenes from Mr. Silver’s plays made for a fantastic 4 hours. And yes, Nicky stayed till the very end. Actor Thomas G. Waites, who runs the studio, spent the 1st hour ‘interviewing’ Nicky learning; how he began writing, what keeps him going, if his plays are autobiographical and so much more. Acting students bravely performed scenes from The Lyons, The Altruists and Raised in Captivity. With side-splitting humor & humility Mr. Silver commented on the work. TGW Acting Studio hopes this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the extremely talented Nicky Silver. Security has been warned.

Wanna work? Get Backstage.

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TGW Acting Studio is not surprised to be featured at the top of the heap; one of the TOP FOUR Big Apple acting schools according to BACKSTAGE. With over 30 years of experience in the industry wearing a variety of hats; Actor, Director, Teacher and Writer, Thomas G Waites knows the ins & outs, ups & downs of life as an artist in New York City (and Los Angeles). And Tom is thrilled to share his expertise with his students. A simple YELP search for NYC Acting Schools yields over 1,000 results so where is an actor new to the game to begin? BACKSTAGE. BACKSTAGE.COM is a life preserver for any actor finding their way and TGW Acting Studio is excited to be called out on our efforts. Here’s the link: reviews TGW Acting Studio.

Backstage Confessions Episode #6 Host Brian Einersen talks backstage with TGW Acting Studio Alum Kieth Amato on topics such as Shamanism, SAG/AFTRA and more.

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Backstage Confessions Episode #4 TGW Acting Studio (feat) Brian Einersen discusses money, Producers, and a new art form.

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TGW Acting Studio’s BACKSTAGE CONFESSIONS Episode #3

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Backstage Confessions: Episode 2 Brian Einersen shares his thoughts on subtext, scene partners & Casting Directors

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Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the Shrew Art Wall Poster — Veteran Actors in Manhattan, NY

Bring Shakespeare To Your Next Audition

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Meeting — Veteran Actors in Manhattan, NY

Attention Actors

Want to boost your confidence and improve your audition results? Get a Shakespeare monologue. Shakespeare has the power to transform and empower an actor. How about having a Shakespeare monologue in your back pocket, perfected and ready to go when an audition calls for it. Next time you respond to a BACKSTAGE casting notice, feel confident with The Bard. TGW Acting Studio is excited to invite you to Spring Into Shakespeare.Spring Into Shakespeare is an in-depth analysis of Shakespeare’s characters & language with the goal of bringing to life scenes and monologues from obscure and familiar comedic, tragic and historic plays.

We will analyze, evaluate, block, stage, direct and present our work for the public at the end of this exciting mini-series.
  • Detail: Class takes place over four consecutive Tuesdays
  • When: April 22nd 2014 through May 13th 2014, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
  • Where: Manhattan Location To Be Announced
  • Cost: $265.00 for entire four-week program

Click here today to reserve your place.
At the end of this Shakespeare intensive you will be transformed into someone who can bring The Bard to life in an instant.

A Scene From The 18th Century

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Michael Moss and Brian Russo in “Way Of The World” — Veteran Actors in Manhattan, NY
Written in 1700. William Cosgreve’s Restoration Comedy “Way Of The World” is characterized by witty dialogue and sophisticated sexual behavior of a highly artificial and aristocratic society. It is important for acting students to explore this genre of theatre because it is so highly stylized, totally different from modern theatre. Working on Restoration Comedy will help a student expand their skills. Also known as Comedy of Manners. Public stage performances had been banned for 18 years by the Puritan regime. In 1660 there was a Renaissance of English drama. Charles I encouraged sexual explicitness. Audiences included Aristocrats, their servants, & middle class. To see a film adaptation of a Comedy of Manners check out Helen Mirren in, The Country Wife. Michael Moss & Brian Russo in a scene from Way of the World by William Congreve

Performance; the finish line.

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Live Performance is the true litmus test for an actor. The confidence to walk on stage and perform to a live, kicking, breathing, laughing, crying and (hopefully) applauding audience, is the reason for the years of scene study in a classroom amongst our peers. Live Performance is the Marathon; perhaps even the Ironman. Weekly, classroom Scene Study is the 5K. Both are important yet more and more actor training programs have turned away from the 26.2 miler. The default for most training programs today is “process”. But process is a revolving door, allowing students to focus on avoidance rather than commitment. The constant focus on process keeps the student reliant on the teacher, but performance cuts the proverbial umbilical cord. The shift to less performance in our acting schools has lead to a weakened backbone of talent. When performing scenes in a classroom, the actor must attract and keep the attention of their fellow students for typically 20 minutes at most, but a full production requires much more. A paying audience must be kept engaged and hypnotized for at least 2 hours, 8x’s longer than a typical classroom scene. And face it, keeping anyones attention for longer than 5 minutes these days is a struggle. Students put their trust in their teachers to know what is best, to know what they need to make it in this business. This is why we struggle to get our students performing. We seek out opportunities to get our students performing and at least annually, sometimes more, TGW Acting Studio produces our own productions. These are full productions. Beginning with formal auditions, time sensitive rehearsals, sets, lighting, costumes, music; the whole nine yards. We perform in a black box theater for a run of 4-6 weeks. No actor training program is complete without the opportunity to walk out on stage, legs trembling, heart racing and grab that audience, pull them in and take them on a journey without ever leaving their seats.

Please support the TGW Acting Studio’s hard working and talented students in our upcoming performance of William Shakespeare’s, As You Like It. We promise, you will be swept away into our Forest of Arden, and your role as audience, is genuinely valuable and essential to TGW Acting students’ training.

Follow this link for information about purchasing tickets: